Client Server Architecture for Web GIS

How is programming for the web different than programming for a single computer?

If you want to create web GIS applications you need to understand the basics of client-server architecture

What does the client do?
What does the server do?
How do the client and server communicate?
What implications does all of this have for web GIS applications?

The take home message is that you can display and/or analyze static data with  only client-side programming languages and a basic web server.  If you want your users to be able to add, modify, and delete data so that others can see it, you need to use a central database running on the server and a server-side programming language.

The following video is a combination of three videos from my course on web programming for GIS applications.  You can learn more about the course and sign up to see the other 97 lectures at Udemy – Introduction to Web Programming for GIS Applications.

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