Displaying YOUR GIS data in a leaflet map (pt 2 – lines and polygons)

This video shows how to load your line and polygon GIS data into a leaflet web map, This requires using the Leaflet.Ajax plug-in. I also demonstrate the basics of styling and filtering line and polygon data.

If you are somewhat familiar with JavaScript and Leaflet you should be able to follow along.. It might make more sense if you watch the first part about loading points first. This video is derived from one lecture in an entire course that I am producing on Udemy. If you find yourself unable to follow, please understand that this lecture assumes that you had seen the previous 41 lectures.  I also had to edit this video pretty aggressively to get it short enough to upload to YouTube so it goes a bit faster than the actual lecture does. Never fear, you have a pause button.

I expect this course to be released on or around June 15, 2017

I will be releasing additional preview lectures once or twice a week until the course is released.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel or check in on this blog if you want to stay informed of any additional content as its released.

Enjoy! And if you are a complete newcomer to Web GIS and wish to prepare yourself before this course is released, please check out my first course, Introduction to Web Programming for GIS Applications. This course is available now on Udemy for $25 with the link above until the new course comes out.

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