Deploying a PostGIS database Part 1 – Background

Learning to use PostGIS deployed on your local computer is very simple.  The real power of a spatial database, however, is setting it up on a server so that it can be accessed by multiple clients simultaneously. This is a little bit more complicated.

There are three primary options

  1. Deploying on your own or your organizations server – For this option there are so many possible configurations it would be impossible for me to provide guidance. You will need to contact your IT Dept or Contractor.
  2. Use a hosting service – This option allows you to essentially rent space on somebody else’s server. Its a great option to get started without spending much money, you could get started for as little as $5/month. If you have an existing hosting service you can ask them about installing PostgreSQL and PostGIS. I will be discussing two options, A2 hosting and AcuGIS.
  3. “The Cloud” – Another option that involves renting space on someone else’s server. Cloud hosting is generally paid for according to how many resources you use rather than on a monthly basis and can easily expand available resources on an as needed basis.

The following video discusses these options in more detail and will be followed shortly by step-by-step instructions on deploying your PostGIS database to three different platforms.

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