Deploying a PostGIS database Part 3 – Moving your database to the server

In the previous 2 videos we signed up for a web hosting service and deployed a PostGIS database to it. In this video we will move the database that we have been working with on our localhost instance to the server so that it can be accessed by other clients.

There are several ways that this could be done. In keeping with the principles of this course, I believe that this method is the simplest and most straightforward. We export our database as a series of plain text SQL statements that we can then run on the server to completely re-build the database there. In the process we can view all the SQL statements that are required to re-build the entire database including domains, custom functions, etc in any text editor and if needed we can make any modifications necessary.

The last part of this process, as described in the video, is somewhat specific to a remote database accessed via phpPgAdmin. The process however would work on any remote database that can be accessed by a client with the ability to read a SQL text file and execute it.

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