Deploying a PostGIS database Part 4 – The AcuGIS Cloud

In this video I show how to deploy your PostGIS database to a second remote server option, the AcuGIS Cloud.  In general my perception is that getting started with AcuGIS was much easier for general GIS use than A2 hosting. They focus on GIS and they know GIS. Installing PostGIS was a breeze, they have the latest versions of both PostgreSQL and PostGIS available, they have all the extensions for PostGIS, and they have shp2pgsql and raster2pgsql available right in their control panel which simplifies loading your data.

They also have remote access enabled by default,which made access from QGIS easy. And if you ever need to use Geoserver, or set up your own Spatial Data Infrastructure using Geonode to provide ArcGIS Online like functionality they offer hosting plans for those as well.

In short, I was impressed with AcuGIS so far although I have not given it a thorough test. Look for a further comparison between A2 hosting and AcuGIS very soon in Part 5 of this series.

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