New Course: GeoServer from A-Z

I am glad to announce a new course on GeoServer that is available NOW on   GeoServer is open source software that will allow you to provide access to your data over the internet to anyone in the world.  It is the open source equivalent of ArcServer in the ESRI ecosystem. GeoServer makes it possible to publish your data as WMS and/or WFS web services that can be used directly in desktop GIS software or as web pages without programming.

This course will  provide the background that you need to understand what GeoServer does and how it works and then show you how to

  • Install a local version of GeoServer for development purposes and to explore the GeoServer interface
  • Set up a GeoServer instance in the cloud and load your data to it.
  • Create user accounts to control who has access to your data and exactly what they can do with it
  • Style your data with symbols created in QGIS
  • Filter your data both spatially and by attribute
  •  Use GeoServer web services in desktop GIS clients such as QGIS, ArcGIS, and Google Earth Pro.
  • Create web maps that use web services from GeoServer and will allow the viewer to select exactly which data they want to view and perform spatial analysis via the web.

This course has over 9 hours of content, please consider that when comparing with other courses that claim to be able to teach you GeoServer in 2 hours.  I don’t believe that is possible.

This course is available at an introductory price of $9.99 USD until July 1.  The pricing is adjusted by country so it may be less in your area. Use this link to receive the discount GeoServer for $9.99 until July 1

As part of this promotion I am also making my courses “Introduction to Spatial Databases with PostGIS and QGIS” and “Enterprise GIS made easy” available for the same price until July 1 as both contain additional information relevant to this course.

More information below:

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