New Course: Geospatial Data Science – Data Visualization

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new course “Geospatial Data Science with Python: Data Visualizations“.  This course will focus on visualizing data in the Jupyter Notebook environment.  I start with the basics of Matplotlib, and then move on to higher level API’s of Panda’s and Seaborn.  You will learn how to make beautiful charts that clearly show important patterns in your data in a number of different ways.  And since this course is about Geospatial Data Science, we will also focus on geospatial visualizations.  Geopanda’s provides core geospatial plotting capabilities and I also demonstrate how those visualizations can be modified in many ways using Matplotlib to control the placement and styling of legends, labels, annotations and more.  I also demonstrate how to work with and display raster data using the Rasterio package and online background maps like OpenStreetMaps and OpenTopoMaps with the Contextily package.

This course currently has over 6 hours of content and is a work in progress.  I will be adding new sections on interactive javascript charts and maps using Plotly and Bokeh in the next several weeks.

This course will build on my course “Geospatial Data Science: GeoPandas” and that course or equivalent knowledge of GeoPandas should be considered a pre-requisite.

For the next 5 days (Through March 30, 2021) ALL of my courses in the Geospatial Data Science series will be available for $9.99 USD using the coupon code DATAVIZ or click the links below.

Geospatial Data Science: Data Visualization

Geospatial Data Science: Statistics and Machine Learning I

Geospatial Data Science: GeoPandas

Survey of Python for Geospatial Applications

This course builds on knowledge presented in my course “Geospatial Data Science with Python: GeoPandas” and that course or equivalent knowledge is a pre-requisite.    Use the coupon code DATAVIZ at checkout or click any of the links on this page to receive the discount automatically.   More information available in the video below.

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