Keep the learning going: Open surce Geospatial courses available NOW for $9.99

February is here and there are a lot of new students from the Black friday and New Years sales.  But I’d like to give everyone the chance to buy another course or two at $9.99  before spring arrives to motivate them to keep the learning going until spring arrives As a bonus its beneficial to the instructors, like me, if you buy now. So if you are looking for ways to continue your professional development during the winter, please consider an Udemy course on open source geospatial technologies.  You can buy them TODAY and watch them when you are ready.

All of my courses on open source geospatial technology will be available through February 9 using the coupon code FEB2023.

This includes my new course “Google Tools for GIS Applications” as well as courses on Web GIS applications, Mobile GIS/GPS applications, QGIS, PostGIS and Spatial databases, GeoServer, Python for geospatial applications, and Geospatial Data Science.

Learn how to use Open Source GIS applications to implement multi-user enterprise GIS systems, develop web-based GIS applications, automate complex processes, and analyze data without any expensive software license fees.

To take advantage of this offer, simply go to my courses page and choose any or all of my courses.  Click on the provided link to go to the Udemy  page for that course and make sure that you click the “Apply Coupon” link and apply the coupon code FEB2023 to receive the discount. This offer expires December 9, 2023.


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