New Course: Automating QGIS 3.xx with Python

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new course: Automating QGIS with Python.

This course focuses on providing GIS professionals with the ability to automate GIS processes to improve performance, accuracy, and provide capabilities not available through standard GIS tools.

The course only requires an installation of QGIS (a free download), although it is not a beginner course.  Some knowledge of both QGIS and Python is required.  If you want to brush up on either QGIS or Python, you can do this through my courses Survey of Python for GIS Applications and QGIS 3.0 for GIS Professionals.

The course does not cover more advanced programming techniques required to develop QGIS plug-ins with advanced user interface capabilities.

This course covers:

  • Using the QGIS Python console
  • Using the QGIS Python editor
  • Using PyQGIS to manipulate the QGIS interface
  • Using PyQGIS to manipulate a layers symbology
  • Using PyQGIS to manipulate a layers attributes
  • Using PyQGIS to manipulate a layers geometry
  • Using PyQGIS to perform spatial operations
  • Using PyQGIS to access raster data

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