New Course: Enterprise GIS made easy

If you are a GIS professional struggling with the need to have multiple people accessing your GIS data from multiple locations and multiple platforms you need an Enterprise GIS system.
I understand that many GIS professionals do not come from an IT background. They may be outstanding cartographer and analyst but lack understanding of multi-user computer infrastructure.  Maybe they know that these solutions exist. Perhaps they even got on the phone and called ESRI to ask about pricing for their version of enterprise GIS and were shocked to learn what it would cost.

The good news is that although conceptually very different than single-user, file-based GIS systems it is actually quite easy and inexpensive to implement an enterprise GIS using open source software. You can even view the data in conventional commercial GIS systems, although you can’t edit it in many commercial systems.  That is not a huge problem, however, because you can use QGIS,  a free, open-source desktop GIS for editing and it works very well.  I have been using this system for several years with clients around the world with ZERO problems.

My new course “Enterprise GIS made easy” explains how to get started, and after viewing this course I think you can be up and running in less than an hour, and the only costs are a few dollars per month for hosting your database.

In this course I explain

  • What an enterprise GIS is
  • What client-server architecture is
  • How spatial databases allow multi-user access to your data
  • How to get a hosting account with an instance of PostGIS for $3-$12/month
  • How to create your hosted database and add users to it
  • How to load your spatial data into the database
  • How to set user privileges to control exactly what each user can do with your data
  • How to connect to your database from a variety of clients, including ArcGIS
  • How to create new data and edit spatial features with QGIS
  • How to organize your data for optimum performance
  • Where to go for more information on QGIS, PostGIS, Web GIS, and Mobile applications.

This course is 4 hours long and is available on

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  1. Great. Very essential one. Will join it soon. Congrats and all the very best for the team and the program. Sharing.

    #SukhodayaGlobalNetWork for #integratedsustainabledevelopment.

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