Quick start to publishing your data to the web with QGIS2Web

This video will show you how to author a web map in QGIS and publish it to the web as a Leaflet based web map using the QGIS2Web plug-in for QGIS, including pop-ups, legend, search tools, scale dependencies, geolocation, and more.

I’ve been very impressed with this plug-in, its very simple yet also allows a lot of flexibility and produces very readable code that will be easy to modify if you are familiar with the Leaflet JavaScript API.¬†Even if you have no familiarity with web programming at all, you should be able to publish your own GIS data to your own web site in a few minutes. The maps are even formatted to work on mobile devices as well with no modification.

Best of all, it does not require any kind of subscription or user fees. If you have some basic web programming knowledge, you will be able to control access through a log-in system using standard methods, again at no cost.

The primary limitation is that this method will only create a static web map. If you want to serve dynamic data from a server, such as a PostGIS database and allow the user to create and/or modify data from the web, you’ll need to modify it with your own server-side code.

If you would like to learn more about creating web maps with Leaflet, including the ability to add advanced functionality to a web map that you created with QGIS2Web, please check out my courses on Udemy.com.


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